My word! Life has been hectic lately and things aren’t going to slow down over the next few weeks. Since time is scarce, I decided to hit the pause button on jotting down blog post ideas and instead I’ve been reflecting on my blogging experience so far. I started this… View Post

I’m retired from Carnival. 2008 was the last year that I played mas. I played with the band Trini Revellers and that year their presentation celebrated Mexico. My section was El Día de los Muertos.         For the most part, I don’t miss participating in Carnival.  However,… View Post

Turns out that toothache I mentioned in this post was a warning that resulted in yesterday’s surgical extractions.  After New Year’s Day, the pain abated for the most part and I mistakenly assumed that all would be well eventually.  Right on hump day of the first workweek of 2016, I woke up in… View Post

Writing research papers and reading peer-reviewed journal articles have utterly shattered the joy that I once derived from reading and writing. I’ve lost a huge bit of my soul that I want back. My fried brain cells have recovered somewhat and as a result I’ve taken three steps to reclaim my love of words:… View Post

If I were asked to label the year 2015 it would be “The Year of I’ve Had It Up to Here”. I emphatically decided that certain situations and people would not be tolerated in 2016. Almost simultaneously, images from the other end of the spectrum began to take shape in… View Post