I’m retired from Carnival. 2008 was the last year that I played mas. I played with the band Trini Revellers and that year their presentation celebrated Mexico. My section was El Día de los Muertos.         For the most part, I don’t miss participating in Carnival.  However,… View Post

Turns out that toothache I mentioned in this post was a warning that resulted in yesterday’s surgical extractions.  After New Year’s Day, the pain abated for the most part and I mistakenly assumed that all would be well eventually.  Right on hump day of the first workweek of 2016, I woke up in… View Post

Writing research papers and reading peer-reviewed journal articles have utterly shattered the joy that I once derived from reading and writing. I’ve lost a huge bit of my soul that I want back. My fried brain cells have recovered somewhat and as a result I’ve taken three steps to reclaim my love of words:… View Post

If I were asked to label the year 2015 it would be “The Year of I’ve Had It Up to Here”. I emphatically decided that certain situations and people would not be tolerated in 2016. Almost simultaneously, images from the other end of the spectrum began to take shape in… View Post

I’m in the midst of the worst toothache of my life.  While you fine folks were ushering in the New Year with champagne and kisses, I was in bed.  Not sleeping.  Turns out neither mint tea nor rum punch make for effective toothache medicine.  In desperate need of a distraction, I have decided to… View Post