I published my first blog post one year ago to the day! Initially, I thought I would be exploring writing for myself. I wasn’t very concerned about the reach of the blog. I told some of my family and friends about it, but didn’t really “advertise” beyond my small circle.… View Post

Dear Diary, We need to talk. There’s no easy way to say this so I’ll just say it. I have spent the last eleven months desperately trying to connect with you and I can’t do it anymore. It may have been the buzz from the rum punch or maybe I… View Post

The holidays are upon us and that means festive food and cocktails everywhere! For picky eaters such as myself, ‘tis the season to be constantly interrogated when attempting to politely refuse a dish or drink. I’m already practicing the many ways that I can say, “No, sorry, I don’t eat… View Post

Waiting is hard. Many different emotions wreak havoc with our sanity as we wait for: life to give us a break already. the object of our affection to notice that we’re alive. the inheritance from that mean old uncle who has been blessed with immortality. that dangling carrot of a… View Post

Keeping up with the news makes it harder and harder to smile these days. Over the last few weeks I’ve been deliberately seeking out good news that would drown out the bad. I prefer to feel positive, cheerful, and hopeful. This is the one chance that I have to be… View Post