Whenever I need to take a break, I step outside. Invariably, I find myself under a coconut tree. Coconut trees evoke a sense of relaxation and peace like no other tree on our land does. They seem to say to me, “Hey, sit back. Relax. It’s never that serious.” I… View Post

My idea of a good time is my phone on silent, a huge bowl of popcorn dripping in butter, and a paranormal TV show marathon. I’ve never met a paranormal TV show that I didn’t like. My particular favourites are the ones where people tell their stories as they are… View Post

I’ve been wondering how to tackle this post. You see, when Em accepted her Liebster Award, she nominated everybody. I hopped on that train with the quickness because as you may know I cannot resist a tag, Q&A or Facebook quiz. Lo and behold, a few days later, Danielle nominated… View Post

These days, it’s downright dangerous to voice an opinion online. It doesn’t matter what your opinion is about. It doesn’t matter if your perspective is negative, positive or neutral. People who know what you’re talking about and people who have no clue whatsoever will congregate upon your opinion and give… View Post

Thanks to Em over at emlinthorpe.com for doing this tag today! I knew right away that I would participate because I’m that annoying Facebook friend who does every one of these quizzes. I love getting to know other people’s quirks. I love discovering the many ways in which we’re different… View Post