Hooray! Noelle over at the Banshee Irish Horror Blog has done the Book Lovers Tag, inspired by Ritu at butismileanyway. I have abandoned the thirteen drafts of potential blog posts on my desktop AND the book that I’m currently reading (The Kite Runner) to do this tag because it is… View Post

Whatever your belief system, it cannot be disputed that negativity HATES to see positivity thrive, especially when that positivity exists for no apparent reason. I’ve seen people genuinely smile and laugh through life threatening illnesses, serious financial problems, family troubles, loss of loved ones… And lurking in a dark corner… View Post

Esmé over at The Recipe Hunter is calling all bloggers to join her blogger directory. I think it’s a wonderful idea to help us be more social with each other. I’m excited to have Mint Tea and Elephants on the growing list! There are lots of different kinds of blogs… View Post

Whenever I need to take a break, I step outside. Invariably, I find myself under a coconut tree. Coconut trees evoke a sense of relaxation and peace like no other tree on our land does. They seem to say to me, “Hey, sit back. Relax. It’s never that serious.” I… View Post