The Earworm That Is Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen

Family members have begun to distance themselves from me because of this “song”. I sing it everywhere. All the time. Everywhere. I find ways to fit the…uhmmmmm…”lyrics” into my Whatsapp and Instagram conversations. Actually, that’s not true. I randomly text the lyrics whether or not they make sense to the conversation. What am I saying??? The words of this song do not make sense in this universe or the 100 other parallel universes that might exist.

Honestly, I’m confused about my enthusiasm, but I prefer to simply accept the fact that repeatedly singing “I habba pen” makes me happy. This production (the outfit, the dance, the moustache!!!!!!!!) may not be The Sound of Music but it’s just as unforgettable.

Let’s not over analyse the awesomeness. Embrace it.


p.s. To those people comparing this ditty to Gangnam Style while bemoaning the immense and bewildering popularity of both, cease and desist. The force is not with you. You do not understand. *off to listen to Gangnam Style for the 3896705th time*



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