Thank You!

Sometimes, especially during those times when we embark on a direction that is alien and uncertain to us, we want those closest to us to encourage, support, and motivate us. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to ask for this support. Our friends and family would automatically shower us with the kind words and assistance necessary to help us push through to our goals. But life ain’t a fairy tale and many people find that they have to move forward towards their dreams on their own.

Sometimes, our loved ones think that because we know that they love us, we should know that they support us, even if they don’t say it out loud. Supporting those you love is, after all, should be part of the love package. They don’t always clue in to the fact that we need to hear their reassurances every now and then, even if we are secure in the knowledge that they do care. It’s amazing what the right words at the right time can do for a person’s faltering spirit.

Sometimes, those closest to us don’t always understand the paths we’ve chosen, or share our vision, so they’re at a loss for words. They simply don’t know what to say to us.

And sometimes, words of encouragement and enlightenment come from the unlikeliest people. I’ve found that these people with their unexpected thoughtfulness can magically lift my mood and fill me with renewed determination and enthusiasm. I feel warm and fuzzy inside and I tend to transfer those good feelings to others.

I’d like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to you sweet folks who reached out to me to tell me such wonderful things about this little blog. The design of the blog appears to be a hit with you (yay!). So many of you have expressed your love for the name of the blog (again, yay!). You have encouraged me to keep on writing because you believe me to be talented in no small way. Some of you have been so grand as to suggest that I write a book. You haven’t said, “try writing a book”, you’ve said “write a book”. I confess, this is quite a scary notion and one that was not at all in my mind until you planted the seed, but I claim it. Others have expressed how intimately my words have connected with them, something that continues to surprise and delight me each time I hear it because on the surface of things, our lives do not appear to be similar in any way. Goes to show, we are far more connected to each other that at first we might believe.

I have always valued people’s experiences and their telling of those experiences. As a cultural studies student, I was taught the immense academic value of the “lived experience”, the value of other people’s narratives. Whether we tell our stories with the facts lined up as they should be, or omit some bits and embellish others, the power of the exchange can do so much for someone else.

There will always be detractors and naysayers but most times, our experiences resonate so strongly with others that they resolve to find their way to us to let us know that they share our story. Sometimes, in the fantastic way that the universe operates, their compliments and support come at the precise moment that we need so badly to hear them. I did not realise what my words were doing for you until you conveyed your kind words to me. I thank you.


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Thank you for your messages of congratulations, inspiration, encouragement, motivation, and love. In many instances, I didn’t know that you knew my blog existed. Thank you for taking a moment from your busy lives to let me know that you think this blog is worthy. Thank you to those people I badgered (sweetly) into reading and navigating the blog to give me feedback so that I could create something solid. I am indebted to you.

Thank you to those of you who see a greater purpose to this, which I am not sure I visualise just yet…I’m working on it…

This post is dedicated to you. You make me smile.




    • Melissa
      15th July 2016 / 4:34 pm

      Same to you!

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