Words and Sketches

Writing research papers and reading peer-reviewed journal articles have utterly shattered the joy that I once derived from reading and writing. I’ve lost a huge bit of my soul that I want back. My fried brain cells have recovered somewhat and as a result I’ve taken three steps to reclaim my love of words:

  1. I started this blog. Even if I’m only talking to myself, it’s nice to have a space in which I can experiment with words minus the drudgery of MLA formatting.
  2. I’ve joined Goodreads. Again. My “to read” list is long and to be honest looking at it makes me tired but I’m hoping to have at least one novel under my belt this month.
  3. I subscribed to the Writers Write Creative Blog via Bloglovin’. The blog’s most fantastic feature is the Daily Writing Prompt. The more I practice using these prompts, the easier it is for sentences and paragraphs to flow. I’ve never seen myself as a writer of fiction but who knows?  Maybe I’ll be writing short stories soon.

One of the more recent prompts steered my creativity in a slightly different direction.

The resultant artistic masterpiece:

It seems that I’ll get some drawing practice in as well. Ha!



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