What’s the Point of Wisdom Teeth Anyway?

Turns out that toothache I mentioned in this post was a warning that resulted in yesterday’s surgical extractions.  After New Year’s Day, the pain abated for the most part and I mistakenly assumed that all would be well eventually.  Right on hump day of the first workweek of 2016, I woke up in pain.  I hurriedly arranged to see my dentist because it hurt to even walk.  The diagnosis was the removal of my two upper wisdom teeth (why me, Lord??).  Apparently, the right tooth was worse than the left and the left was where the vilest pain of my existence dwelt.  I was mortified imagining how the right side of my mouth could hurt if that tooth erupted.

Playing out the extractions in my head probably wasn’t a good idea because I left my dentist’s office promising to schedule an appointment for the surgery but not really wanting to actually schedule an appointment.  Terror engulfed me so much that I convinced myself that the extractions would be worse than the pain I was experiencing.  On Friday, the noticeably colder winds that hit my face caused me to double over in pain.  I realised that I could not put off the inevitable and so I caved and made my appointment for the very next day.

Admittedly, I was a big baby for the entire procedure.

Me, before the dentist even got started. [Image via Pixabay]

I asked for all the drugs to be injected into my gum.  I’ve sat through hours of tattooing but there’s something about needles in my mouth that renders me utterly spineless.  My dentist had to constantly reassure me.  His assistant was so sweet, gently patting my shoulder in that “there there” motion in an attempt to soothe me. The offending teeth were out quicker than I expected and with a mouth full of gauze and painkillers in hand, I headed home.On the drive back, an attractive dude pulled up next to me at the traffic lights, he acknowledged my existence with a nod.  I tried to look cute but I couldn’t feel my mouth so I’m not sure if I smiled or pouted or drooled.When I got home, I had some warm soup, took my painkiller, and reviewed the list of NOs for after care.  “No spitting” was the most challenging of the bunch.  I spent the rest of my afternoon fighting the overwhelming urge to spit everywhere, not that it’s something I usually do other than when I brush my teeth.  The universe has to come up with a better way of getting me to not do stuff.  The moment you begin an instruction with “no” or “don’t”, that’s the precise nanosecond that my entire being focuses on doing just that.I’ve already swallowed today’s painkiller and all seems to be going well.  Now that this toothache is no longer the centre of my world I can get back to editing the blog posts that I intended to upload last week. I’d still like it if somebody could tell me why we have wisdom teeth though…


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