Love and a Toothache

I’m in the midst of the worst toothache of my life.  While you fine folks were ushering in the New Year with champagne and kisses, I was in bed.  Not sleeping.  Turns out neither mint tea nor rum punch make for effective toothache medicine.  In desperate need of a distraction, I have decided to play with my blog and Google Johnny Depp memes.


My love for Johnny Depp is legendary.

Isn’t he lovely? Isn’t he wonderful?


When I fell in love with this immensely talented otherworldly being my teenaged hormones cared little for talent. Every cell in my 13-year-old body was focussed on that face.  I have long since forgotten the plot of that first episode of 21 Jump Street but I will never forget Johnny as he peered into my soul from the depths of my television screen.  It was love at first sight.  Lots of other girls fell in love with him too because I distinctly remember his gorgeousness caused quite the buzz the next day in class.  My adoration hasn’t dwindled for a minute since then.


I love you, Melissa. That’s what he’s saying here.


He can do no wrong (okay, he did me wrong in The Tourist and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides but I’ve forgiven him and we don’t speak of these transgressions).

On my way to the most magical mall I’ve ever been to, I hurriedly shot this pic from the bus in spite of the downpour:

You can Sauvage me anytime, dearest.

You can Sauvage me anytime, dearest.

It’s true love, really.  The kind of love that could provide inspiration for a Nicholas Sparks novel and the blockbuster movie that inevitably follows.  Ha!


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