Do I even remember how to blog??? A couple months ago, I had this great burst of inspiration. I was finally going to settle into a blogging routine. I scheduled time to write and when to publish posts. I wasn’t going to wait for my muse to motivate me. I… View Post

Stepping into dog poop is one of life’s greatest admonitions for ingratitude.   Seriously. Have you ever stayed up into the wee hours of the morning working on a tough assignment, then had to wake up for work in like forty-five minutes? You’re cranky and exhausted as you shut down… View Post

Once upon a time, bad news only existed in the newspapers and the evening news. Lately, bad news has a face that I recognise. I recently heard about a horrible incident involving an acquaintance. I was pretty ticked off at the futility and helplessness of the situation and I struggled… View Post