Whatever your belief system, it cannot be disputed that negativity HATES to see positivity thrive, especially when that positivity exists for no apparent reason. I’ve seen people genuinely smile and laugh through life threatening illnesses, serious financial problems, family troubles, loss of loved ones… And… View Post

Esmé over at The Recipe Hunter is calling all bloggers to join her blogger directory. I think it’s a wonderful idea to help us be more social with each other. I’m excited to have Mint Tea and Elephants on the growing list! There are lots… View Post

Whenever I need to take a break, I step outside. Invariably, I find myself under a coconut tree. Coconut trees evoke a sense of relaxation and peace like no other tree on our land does. They seem to say to me, “Hey, sit back. Relax.… View Post

My idea of a good time is my phone on silent, a huge bowl of popcorn dripping in butter, and a paranormal TV show marathon. I’ve never met a paranormal TV show that I didn’t like. My particular favourites are the ones where people tell… View Post

I’ve been wondering how to tackle this post. You see, when Em accepted her Liebster Award, she nominated everybody. I hopped on that train with the quickness because as you may know I cannot resist a tag, Q&A or Facebook quiz. Lo and behold, a… View Post